Boxing fans remain sceptical after Spence JR undergoes emergency eye surgery

Errol Spence JR shared this photo of himself post eye surgery

Boxing fans remain sceptical of the circumstances under which Errol Spence JR dropped out of his Pacquiao showdown even after the Dallas native shared photos of his emergency eye surgery.

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The welterweight champion took to IG promising fans that he’ll “be back in no time”.

“Emergency surgery went great thanks to everyone for their well wishes & prayers. I’ll be back in no time,” he said.

“I look at it as this, it could always be worse & being able to see my kids grow is the most important thing to me even though I was telling the doctor let me fight this fight & I’ll get the surgery right after.”

The boxing world, and beyond, have been reacting to this development. Notably, Brian Sutterer MD, YouTuber, and physiatrist recently uploaded a video breaking down the alleged injury that Spence and his camp claimed resulted in his dropping out of the fight.

Sutterer’s video provided viewers with a breakdown of the injury Spence JR suffered a week ahead of his Pacquiao mega-fight.

In the video, Sutterer admits that a retinal tear is a potential risk to one’s vision. Spence partaking in the Pacquiao mega-fight would also violate the policies of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, according to their website.

“For Spence [or any other boxer] to fight, every year he has to get a dilated eye exam conducted by an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist is going to discover if there is something like a retinal tear because that’s the point of going to an ophthalmologist,” he explained.

Sutterer pointed out that every state has different rules for medical exams with some of them requiring no eye exams. In his opinion, the fight being slated for Las Vegas may have saved Spence JR’s vision.

The doctor took it a step further by saying, “What I’m saying is there is no way Spence could have hid or somehow made up this story without bribing an ophthalmologist which is downright absurd to suggest or believe.”

Boxing fans, however, are not convinced. Some of them have even responded to the doctor’s video indicating that dispelling the possibility of Spence JR’s team bribing a doctor in order to protect his perfect record is “naive”.

“If you think bribing a doctor in boxing is absurd, you don’t know how corrupt the sport is,” said one user.

“Whether the eye injury is real or not, Team Spence was irresponsible during training. Both boxers were checked before signing contracts,” said another.