Brazilian mayor calls for President Bolsonaro’s resignation

President, Jair Bolsonaro

A mayor in Brazil is calling for the resignation of its President Jair Bolsonaro. Arthur Virgilio Neto, the mayor of Manaus ,a city of two million, is calling on Bolosonaro to resign, “shut up and stay at home.” The President’s “dream” is to be a dictator, “but he’s too stupid,” Neto told CNN.

At more than 365,000 confirmed cases, and almost 23,000 deaths, Brazil is second only to the US in terms of infections.

The city of Manaus has suffered 1,182 deaths, and 39,155 confirmed cases. On Saturday alone, there were 51 burials.

Bolsonaro has repeatedly tried to downplay the lethality of the virus as his rhetoric has shifted more towards the need to protect the economy.

Speaking in an interview outside a new field hospital in Manaus, Neto expressed his frustration at how the President’s rhetoric had impeded his calls for social isolation.

“The majority of people listen to him [Bolsonaro] because Manaus didn’t stop. He has complicity in the deaths of corona in Brazil. He is co-responsible.”

“I don’t know how to explain how a man of such low qualifications became to be president of a country of 210 million,” he added.