BREAKING: Peter Phillips resigns as PNP president after poor election showing

Peter Phillips has resigned from his role as president of the People’s National Party (PNP) following its disastrous showing Jamaican’s polls yesterday.

Outgoing leader of the People’s National Party, Peter Phillips

Phillips, during a press conference a short while ago, said that he has a “duty to demit office as president of the party” after the party’s loss, which includes several seats previously thought to be strongholds.

In an interview yesterday morning, September 3, Phillips told media that he would step down as party leader should the PNP not win.

Today, he said, “I have written to the chairman of the People’s National Party to ask that the National Executive Council and the executive of the party make the necessary arrangements as soon as is practical to elect a new leader of the party.”

The incumbent Jamaica Labour Party retained its leadership of the nation when it claimed 49 of the 63 available seats in Parliament. The victory saw the JLP claw away 15 seats previously held by the PNP to earn its second term in power.

A sober PNP Vice-President Phillip Paulwell last evening said the result was “shocking”, adding that the electorate had issues with the party which appeared to not be united.