Brexit uncertainty pushes scores of UK businesses to The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the capital and largest city in The Netherlands. (Photo: Sada El balad)

A growing number of foreign companies are flocking to The Netherlands to set up shop, the Dutch government reported on Wednesday (Feb. 19), noting an uptick in interest amidst uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Over 140 businesses have established a presence, with 78 or close to 56 per cent of those companies setting up roots in the last year, according to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA).

The Dutch ministry, in a statement, indicated that British businesses were first in line, however, companies from the Americas and Asia are also among the entities reshaping the blueprint of their European operations in the wake of Brexit.

Britain’s contentious exit from the European Union (EU), as well as the ‘bitter’ trade negotiation talks between London and Brussels in March, are fuelling the favourability of other countries, particularly in the Netherlands.

NFIA said it is in talks with around 425 companies considering moving or expanding to the Netherlands because of Brexit.

Britain voted in favour of leaving the EU in the shock 2016 referendum, which was actualised earlier in January.