Brit faces jail time for smuggling cocaine from Jamaica in fake penis

A British man could face up to 36 months in jail after he departed Jamaica and was caught smuggling cocaine in an artificial penis in February 2019.

The man, who is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow, June 24, departed Jamaica for Brussels, Belgium where he was held.

He was taken to a local hospital where officials found that he had stashed 127 grammes of cocaine inside an artificial penis.  

According to the man, he received the illegal substance from an acquaintance while visiting his mother in Jamaica.

He further revealed that the cocaine was for his personal use only and that he intended to take the drug when he returned home.

While prosecutors were unable to prove that the man was acting as a drug mule, they still pushed for him to receive a 36-month custodial sentence.

The man’s defence team, however, argued he was not well enough to serve jail time.