Britain’s exit from EU ‘certain’ with re-election of Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was re-elected Thursday, making Britain’s exit from the European Union more certain at the end of January 2020.

“At this stage it does look as though this one-nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate, to get Brexit done, and not just to get Brexit done but to unite this country and to take it forward,” Johnson said in an address to the nation follwing his victory.

Opposition Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said he would step down after a “process of reflection.” The leader of the pro-Remain Liberal Democrat party, Jo Swinson, lost her seat, as the Scottish National Party swept the board in Scotland.

By early Friday morning, the Conservatives had secured 364 of the 650 seats in the House of Parliament, well ahead of Labour’s 203 seats. The Liberal Democrats have 11 seats, while the Scottish National Party posted big gains in Scotland, with 48 seats.

That would give Johnson a comfortable majority in the House of Commons.