British Airways crew member flees Twitter after complaining about quarantine in Jamaica

A British Airways crew member deleted his Twitter account after he complained about the conditions imposed on him and his colleagues while in isolation in Jamaica.

The crew member, who used the alias Richmond Rover with the Twitter handle @CPH56, took to the social media platform early Thursday morning to complain about the poor treatment he has been experiencing while in isolation.

The crew member, who was sure to tag the UK Ambassador to Jamaica, Asif Anwar Ahmad, likened the condition in isolation to worse than what prisoners experience.

“Hi British Airways crew are in self isolation in Kingston, banned from leaving our rooms or mingling ,” read the tweet posted at 7:20a.m.

“We have a small balcony. Even prisoners have access to some form of fresh air and exercise -please help us gain access to hotel grounds,” added the crew member in the tweet.

Ambassador Ahmad responded to the tweet noting that he fully understood the imposition of the quarantine, further adding that these are ” extraordinary times”.

Jamaica like other countries in the world, has been strongly encouraging social distancing and self-quarantine as a mean of containing the spread of Covid-19, which is now a rapidly growing pandemic.