British Airways to have travellers share vaccination status in-app

British Airways (BA) will add a feature to its app that records the health data of passengers who have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

With expectations that international travel could resume as early as May 17, the move is touted by the airline’s chief executive, Sean Doyle, as “great progress” that will ensure safety in reopening the skies.

According to BA, this is one of the critical steps that will make it easier for customers to prove they are safe to travel.

Following the announcement, BA said it saw a surge in bookings, however it remains unclear which routes will have flights.

Doyle encouraged the British government to utilise digital technology systems to verify the vaccination and test status of passengers.

“It’s fair to say that Britain has developed a really strong leadership position in coming out the other end of the pandemic,” Doyle said 

“What we want to make sure is that we also take that leadership position into restoring travel and restoring the economy,” added Doyle.