British, French and Dutch join forces in the Caribbean on COVID-19

The British Government has collaborated with France and the Netherlands in addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affecting their overseas territories.

“In order to help relieve local populations, they decided to bring a coordinated military answer in support of civilian crisis management tools,” said the British Government in a recent statement.

The statement said that French, British and Dutch armed forces are deploying military assets in the Caribbean to support their local authorities.

As a result, it said French PHA Dixmude, British RFA Argus and Dutch HNLMS Karel Doorman have been sent to the Caribbean.

The statement said: “This cooperation will be operated by a regional military joint coordination cell, which will be located in Fort de France. Its mission will be to optimize national military contributions to support States’ action. This mechanism should provide more agility and flexibility in the response to the spread of the virus throughout the Caribbean.”