British Virgin Islands to implement legislation to prevent tourist harassment

Governor of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Augustus Jaspert, says that legislation to protect persons from being harassed while visiting the territory will soon be implemented.

According to Jaspert, the Bill – entitled the “Anti-Visitor Harassment and Solicitation” legislation would form part of the government’s legislative agenda in the coming months. 

Governor of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Augustus Jaspert

“There will be the introduction of the regulation for the Tourism Act, which will include, but not limited to the Anti-Visitor Harassment and Solicitation legislation,” the Governor said while delivering his Speech from the Throne address last week.

“The efforts will be buttressed with the National Tourism Strategic Plan to bring more legislative and regulatory structure to the territory. The structure will include the establishment of stronger linkages and involvement of all sectors within the territory to ensure ‘one tourism’ mandate,” he added.