Phillips reaches out to defeated Rise United camp

Dr Phillips greeting supporters at the National Arena.

People’s National Party President Dr Peter Phillips is calling for unity within the party.

He said the party should be united in order to achieve its goal of defeating the governing Jamaica Labour Party in the next general election.

Phillips used his victory speech at the National Arena to reach out to Peter Bunting and his Rise United camp. While on the stage Phillips invited Bunting and the Rise United camp to join his team on the grounds of the arena but there was no apparent response.

One PNP supporters at the National Arena Saturday, Sept 7.

“This should be seen as a bump in the road our mission is to come together and to proceed with the task of organization… and put an end to the Jamaica Labour Party,” he said, while describing the party as corrupt.

“We come in peace to the PNP we come in peace to the people of Jamaica, we come to move forward as one PNP…,” Phillips went on to say. “One heart, one love until we meet again on the trail of progress… One heart one love.