Bunting’s failed bid to lead the PNP claims its first casualty

Dayton Campbell to resign from Dr Peter Phillip’s shadow cabinet.

The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) shadow cabinet is set to be one man short following the presidential election on Saturday (Sept 7).

This is due to the expected resignation of Dr Dayton Campbell. This makes Dr Campbell the first casualty of Peter Bunting’s failed attempt to dethrone Dr Peter Phillips as head of the PNP. Immediately after Bunting’s defeat Saturday, Campbell told BUZZ that he’ll resign as spokesman on health.

“As I’ve always said, I would resign as spokesman if Dr Phillips wins,” Campbell said.

He has held the post since 2017.

Dayton Campbell (r) with Peter Bunting during the PNP presidential election on Saturday.

Dr Campbell was campaign manager for Bunting’s Rise United team. He was one of Bunting’s most ardent supporters.

During the caustic campaign to drum up support, Campbell was often at the fore of those throwing barbs at fellow Comrades, who were not for Bunting.

On Saturday, delegates voted 1427 to 1351 to keep Phillips as president of the PNP.