Business as usual but stay alert: PM Holness, after first confirmed coronavirus case announced

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

As the country speculates about the course of action, as news of the first confirmed coronavirus case on the island spreads, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is offering some guidance.

He is urging Jamaicans to go about their business as usual while taking the necessary precautions.”Go about your normal business, however, pay close attention to the advisory and information provided by the government, increase the awareness of your own health and the health of those around you,” he said.

“Until a vaccine is found, the greatest means of control is smart and informed human behaviour,” he continued.

Adding that these include washing hands regularly, coughing and sneezing in the elbow, and avoiding public places if you have flu-like symptoms.

He also advised that schools will continue to be opened unless the government says otherwise.

The Prime Minister also had a warning for those who were insistent and spreading false news to further escalate panic.

“Panic and spreading false information is not smart behaviour, every Jamaican must take personal responsibility for their health, hygiene and travel,” he said.

“It is no cause for panic, we will now diligently activate the plans we’ve made, to isolate the cases, to trace and identify the case of contact, and contain potential spread,” he said.