Businessman Chris Dehring donates blood to help in COVID-19 fight

Chief Executive Officer of ReadyTV, Chris Dehring, has answered the call for persons who tested positive for COVID-19 to donate blood.

Chris Dehring donating blood recently. (Photo: Twitter @UHWI_JA)

He made the donation at the University Hospital of the West Indies on Friday and has been lauded for his effort. Former Custos of Manchester, Sally Porteous, commended him via Twitter.

The call was made by the Health and Wellness Ministry recently for persons who would have recovered from coronavirus within the last 28 days to make blood donations to assist in the COVID-19 fight.

It is understood that plasma from the blood will be extracted to treat patients, who are critically ill, as a part of a new clinical trial.

“Mr Chris Dehring, CEO- ReadyTV, played his part. So can you! Once you’ve recovered from COVID19 in the last 28 days, you may have antibodies that can help treat others fighting the disease,” the University Hospital of the West Indies said on Twitter on Friday.

Persons can call 876-977-2327 or email if they are interested in donating their blood.