BUSTA’S NO HERO: ‘Any man who promised to kill out Rastafari can be no hero of Jamaica’

National Hero Sir Alexander Bustamante.

This is surely not the response Prime Minister Andrew Holness anticipated when he made a birthday post to National Hero and founder of the Jamaica Labour Party Sir Alexander Bustamante.

“Today marks the 136th anniversary of the birth of National Hero, The RT. Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante, father of independent Jamaica and founder of our great party @jlpjamaica 🇯🇲,” Holness posted on his Instagram page on Monday (Feb 24).

The post triggered a flood of criticism of Bustamante, from some who called him a “slave master pickney” and others who accused him of orchestrating the persecution of those professing the Rastafarian religion in the early 1960s.

Negrill_bar2020 commented: “Any man who promised to kill out Rastafari can be no hero of Jamaica. Give us the teachings of HIM.”

Prime Minister Andrew Holness placing a wreath at Bustamante’s tomb at the National Heroes Park on Sunday.

The comment attracted 19 likes and drew 12 comments.

“Thank you very much, sir,” Tresbelle_dame replied.

Bettakutz_barbers simply stated, “True.”

In response to Holness’post, nardo_nard commented: ‘Don’t like him, never will like him. He is just another slave master pickney acting like saviour. He shouldn’t be a hero of Jamaica.”

“Fiyah Bun 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Lava splash 🌋🌋🌋 how dem man yah ah get big up if him did Waan kill out Rasta 🤔,” Fiyahyout wrote.

Shinesshinesshines chimed in: “Wicked heart Bustamante … This is the part [of] the JLp Wah mi nuh like.”

“Ain’t no hero of mines👈👈👈,” who_seh_champion commented.