Calder slams Robert Montague says minister should be sacked

Jeanette Calder of the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal has described Robert Montague as among the worst performing ministers, noting that he should be sacked when the cabinet is shuffled.

Calder made the statement while speaking on a radio programme on Thursday (December 30).

Pointing to Montague’s previous post as Minister of National Security, Calder said that he has been plagued by issues.

“Don’t forget we began the administration with concern about the purchase of those police cars which has not yet been remedied. So it has been several issues under several different ministries. And I don’t think that that spells anything good for the country to continue to insist on [keeping] a non performing minister, ” Calder said.

“Nobody is suggesting,and certainly JAMP is not, that Minister Montague has been complicit in any of the concerns that has dogged him wherever he has been position. However, it is not a good signal, when you’re trying to get young ministers to perform, that you have ministers where the public has already expressed a certain amount of no confidence and to keep him in that position,” added Calder.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness recently revealed that he had plans to shuffle the cabinet in the upcoming year.