Canadian couple sparks outrage after breaching COVID-19 protocols in Cayman

Many Cayman residents are outraged after learning that a Canadian couple who broke COVID-19 protocols multiple times were only fined CI$1,000.

The couple, Dr Pascal Terjanian and his wife, Cristina, arrived in the Cayman Islands on November 13 and are alleged to have breached local guidelines in excess of 15 times.

Despite being fitted with a geo-tracking bracelet, a Cayman court heard that the couple was seen on CCTV footage walking to a liquor store and were later captured sunbathing.

It is alleged that the duo tampered with their geo-tracking device.

They subsequently fined CI$1,000 and moved to a state-run quarantine facility.

However, it is understood that the couple were at the facility for less than 48 hours, as they were later transferred back to their original Regal Beach Club suite after they complained about staying at the Holiday Inn.

The couple departed the Cayman Islands on Tuesday on a flight destined for Miami.

All visitors to the island are mandated to quarantine for 14 days or they could face a CI$1,000 fine.

In Late September 2020, legislators in Cayman approved a proposal to increase the fine for breaching quarantine to CI$10,000.