Canadian visitor dies after contracting dengue in Jamaica

Twenty-six-year-old Jodie Dick of Toronto, Canada, visited Jamaica on January 16 to attend a friend’s wedding, which took place on January 20.

According to a CTV news report, Dicks started to experience ill-health the day after the wedding showing signs of rashes on her body, but it was dismissed as merely a heat rash.  

She was later hospitalised and was unable to recognise her friend.

As her condition worsened, her stepmother, her biological mother, stepfather, and boyfriend arrived in Jamaica to support her.

“To our disbelief, Jodie passed away on the morning of the 26th with her mother by her side.”

— Jodie’s stepfather, Randy Boissoin

According to CTV news, Dicks blood count got low, and after the hospital started running low on blood, she was airlifted to a trauma centre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Two heart attacks

After suffering two heart attacks, she died with her mother by her side as she was the only one able to get in the emergency chopper.

“It is devastating and we’re in shock. It was like a nightmare,” her stepmother Kay Dicks was quoted as saying.

Canadian Jodie Dick passed away after contracting dengue in Jamaica.

Following Dick’s funeral on February 9, her stepfather, Randy Boissoin, made the following Facebook post:

“Now that Jodie’s Beautiful Celebration of Life has passed, I find it necessary to share her story. Our dear Jodie travelled to Jamaica for a friend’s wedding on January 16th. At some point over the next few days, Jodie received a mosquito bite and contacted the most serious strain of Hemorrhagic Dengue Fever. She was hospitalized in Jamaica and a decision was eventually made to airlift Jodie to a trauma centre in Fort Lauderdale Florida. To our disbelief, Jodie passed away on the morning of the 26th with her mother by her side.”

While thanking friends and well-wishers for their support, Boissoin also urged persons to become aware of the virus and protect themselves from contracting it.