Canon EOS 90D – Finally… 4K

The Canon EOS 90D. (Photo: B&H/Canon)

If you’re a photographer, or videographer you have heard of Canon. They’ve been around for a while and have dominated the camera space for years. Even with many manufacturers (including Canon) releasing mirrorless cameras, there are still those who prefer the feel of a DSLR.

The EOS 90D is a new addition to Canon’s mid-range, enthusiast, inter-changeable lens camera system and is a follow-up to the EOS 80D. It packs a few improvements like the addition of an Auto Focus (AF) joystick, and 4K video recording. FINALLY!!

Canon 90D top view. (Photo: B&H)

The Good Stuff

  • New Sensor – The 90D has a new 32.5 MP sensor, up from the 24.2 MP in the 80D. The APS-C Image format still has a 1.6x crop factor from the previous generations.
  • Flip Out screen – If you’re a vlogger, rejoice. Canon has kept the flip out screen. This means you can see yourself and adjust framing when recording video… Unlike Sony that has weird tilting screens that inevitably obscure vision.
  • 4K Video recording – Finally! Canon has brought 4K to their double-digit “D” line. For years, these enthusiast cameras were stuck in 1080p land. Now there is 4K video recording up to 30 fps. And the best part is it doesn’t crop the image while shooting 4K.
  • Has microphone & headphone jack – The EOS 90D has both a headphone and microphone jack. Which means you can use external mics and monitor your audio simultaneously.
  • 10 fps continuous burst shots – The Canon 90D can shoot 10 frames per second continuous burst photography. This is up from 7 on the previous model. Sports photographers will like this feature for fast-moving subjects.
  • 120 fps Slow Motion video – If you like to see the world in slow motion, the 90D can capture 120 frames and stitch them together for cinematic playback.
  • AF joystick – The EOS 90D brings with it an AF joystick. When composing a shot, you can use the AF joystick to focus on specific parts of the frame.
Canon 90D sports a flip-out screen. (Photo: B&H)

The Bad Stuff

  • No 24fps UHD ­– Though the 90D can shoot glorious 4K footage, there’s no 24fps option. What was Canon thinking? Almost all Hollywood films are shot in 24fps because it adds natural motion blur. It has 25fps though…
  • One card slot – The EOS 90D only has a single, SD Card slot. Why is that a bummer? Sometimes cards get corrupted. Having another card slot as a backup might save you from having to re-record a scene. Well, at least the slot supports UHS-II storage.
  • No AF in 120fps mode – Sadly, when shooting 120fps video there’s no auto-focus. That’s sad considering Canon’s Dual Pixel Auto Focus technology is arguably the best in the business.
Flip out screen enables shooting at odd angles. (Photo: B&H/Canon)

Overall, it’s a pretty balanced, budget-friendly option for those who don’t want to spend $5,500 USD on an EOS-1D X Mark II to get “pro” features. It offers a good grip, 4K recording (even if there’s no 24fps option), slow motion video capture, a headphone jack and many more. Plus, it uses Canon’s popular EF-S Lens Mount and is a good choice for beginners.

The 90D costs $1,200 USD for the camera body only. You can also get a $1,500 kit with the 18-55mm and 55-250mm.**

**At time of writing. Kits are available with different lenses at different prices.

— Written by Renor C.