Carib Cement converting waste tyres into energy

Chairman of Carib Cement, Parris Lyew-Ayee, says the company is dedicated to protecting Jamaica’s natural environment and has sought to convert waste material into energy.

Carib Cement Chairman Parris Lyew-Ayee

Lyew-Ayee said Carib Cement had begun using waste tyres and discarded oil and were burning them to get the energy to produce cement.

“The company has made major investments with safe environmental practices. We place great emphasis on energy efficiencies in our operations, the biggest cost item, with significant applications of using renewable energy sources. This includes using renewable sources as well as using used tyres and waste oils which also addresses serious national environmental problems,” he said.

A shot of the Caribbean Cement plant in East Kingston.

He also said Carib Cement uses 100 per cent local raw materials and is dedicated to supporting local industry.

“Carib Cement Company is a true local producer, using local limestone, gypsum, shales, pozzolan, water, and local employees — 200 fulltime employees, and 500 indirect,” he said.