Carol Clarke takes the wheel as RUBiS’ first female Bulk Road Vehicle Truck Driver

RUBiS Energy Jamaica Limited recently appointed the company’s first female Bulk Road Vehicle Truck Driver.

Pleased with the selection of 46-year-old Carol Clarke in September
2019; RUBiS executives are encouraged that more females are taking steps to fill posts which have been deemed ‘gender-restricted’ in the past.

Human Resources Manager at RUBiS, Donnovan Dobson explained that Miss Clarke went through the typical application process and met the qualifications for the post. “Miss Clarke was actually one of two females amongst several males to apply for the post. She possessed the necessary skills and qualifications for the position, and was deemed most suited based on RUBiS’ high standards,” he said.

Mr Dobson also shared that the company’s efforts to sustain gender equality remain positive. “Our male to female ratio currently stands at approximately 50 per cent males and 50 per cent females, who all receive equal treatment and opportunities. We are very aware and cautious of the
simple things such as the language we use. We stay very neutral so that neither gender is discouraged to apply for any job at our organisation,” Mr Dobson added.

“They don’t treat me any different or suggest that I am unable to complete any of my tasks because I am a female”

— Carol Clarke, first female Rubis Bulk Road Vehicle Truck Driver

Carol Clarke is pleased with RUBiS’ employment standards and the camaraderie among employees. “I am elated. I am excited to join the RUBiS family and most of all to become the first female driver at the company. I know this will encourage other women to break free from gender stereotypes in the work environment and to follow their dreams.” she said.

“I am treated equally by the other truck drivers. They don’t treat me any different or suggest that I am unable to complete any of my tasks because I am a female and this is why I am so excited to be a part of this team I consider as my family,” Clarke shared.

Clarke’s employment comes amidst the advanced stages of RUBiS’ qualification for certification in the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Gender Equity Seal Programme.