Carreras drops major cash to help with COVID-19 Relief Programme

Cigarette company Carreras Limited has donated J$9.51 million towards the government’s COVID-19 response efforts. 

The money which will be managed by the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) will assist in the provision of food relief to those most impacted by the virus across the island. 

Additionally, the company’s Managing Director, Raoul Glynn, and a team of volunteers on Saturday (May 23), assist with the distribution of food packages in Central Village, Spanish Town. 

Glynn said the close-knit and longstanding relationship shared between Carreras, Central Village and the entire community of Spanish Town, he thought it and to connect more intimately with the residents, having  short one-on-one conversations.

“This type of unity and goodwill that is needed at this time in light of the overwhelming impact that COVID-19 has had- not just on the economy- but on the individual lives of so many Jamaicans and people across the world,” said Glynn who lauded the community food distribution programme, undertaken by the PSOJ and partners.

In adherence to the government’s restrictions and protocols, over the past few months, the Carreras has implemented several measures geared towards ensuring the safety of all its staff members. 

Some of these measures include; (1) remote work for all eligible employees; (2) mandatory work from home for high risk employees, as well as (3) the utilisation of electronic meeting forums. 

In addition, other welfare measures have been undertaken for staff including the provision of daily breakfast for its sales team before the start of each workday in light of the commuting times and the curfew hours, as well as, the provision of a company contracted Doctor who employees can contact if they feel ill.