Cavalier, Humble Lion battle for premier league position

Cavalier and Humble Lion will duel at Stadium East on Monday, seeking the upper hand in the Red Stripe Premier League points standing.

They are one place adrift of each other in the standing, with Humble Lion in fourth on 22 points and Cavalier, fifth, on 21. A victory for either would push them closer to third-placed Arnett Gardens, who are on 26 points.

Victory charge

Waterhouse lead the standing on 33 points with Mount Pleasant second on 28, while a loss would not affect their position, as they would remain where they were before the match.

Cavalier’s victory charge will mainly be reliant on Chevone Marsh, who has scored seven goals; Nicholas Hamilton, four goals; Alex Marshall, three goals; and Kamoy Simpson, two goals.

For Humble Lion, it will be Rohan Richards with four goals and Andre Clennon with three, who will carry the fight.