Cayman Airlines flights attendants removed from duties after breaking COVID protocols

At least two Cayman Airlines (CAL) flight attendants may lose their jobs after they broke COVID-19 protocols, which includes wearing a mask at all times while performing duties, on Saturday (March 20).

The flight attendants in question were seen without their masks greeting a well-known celebrity.

Photos of the flight attendants and the celebrity were heavily circulated on social media platforms, which subsequently led the airline to issue a release.

According to CAL, the staff members in question are in quarantine as they conduct a probe into the matter.

The airline used the statement to share that all its airline crew have been fully advised as to the security protocols that are to be strictly adhered to. In addition, the airline said its entire flight crew have been fully vaccinated.

An airline representative told local media that the CAL takes the breach very seriously and that the staff members in question have been removed from duty as they continue investigations.