Cayman authorities deny mistreating Cuban migrants, sick baby caught in standoff

A sick baby is caught in the midst of a standoff between Customs and Border Control (CBC) authorities and Cuban migrants, aboard a vessel in the Cayman Islands.

According to the CBC, their efforts to accommodate the Cubans on land have been rejected, noting that the migrants are refusing to disembark the Bulk Freedom cargo ship, which is docked off George Town harbour.

However, the Cubans, who have been live streaming their ordeal on social media platforms, complain that they have been mistreated by CBC officials and police officers.

They also noted that there is a baby on board with a high fever, but the mother of the one year-old told the local press that she is fearful the child will be taken from her if she tries to get assistance.

Previously, the 13 Cuban migrants now on the ship, including the baby, had been taken to Holiday Inn, which is being used as a government quarantine facility.

The migrants were outfitted with tracking devices but later fled the location back to sea.

In a release on April 5, the CBC reported that they were unable to locate the Cubans and assured the public that “the migrants are not prisoners and have no restrictions in moving about on the island”.

The CBC also denied allegations that the migrants were mistreated, stating that the claims “are simply not true”.

In another release on Thursday, the CBC further stated that they continue to provide the migrants with food, drinking water, baby food for the infant and other necessary supplies.