Cayman confirms presence of Omicron variant on Island

The omicron variant has been detected in the Cayman Islands.

According to health officials on the island, the variant was detected on Wednesday ( December 15) in a sample provided by a traveller in quarantine.

Both the interim and Chief Medical Officer in a release on the matter note that while early studies on the variant hasve been completed, there was need for further investigation to determine the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines against the variant.

“There is still much to learn, but at the moment we can confirm that Omicron probably spreads more easily than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus,” said outgoing Chief Medical Officer, John Lee.

“In addition, vaccines still appear to offer the best protection against severe illness, hospitalisation and death. This is especially true for individuals who have had a booster shot,” added interim CMO, Dr. Autilia Newton.