Cayman considering making COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for work permit holders

Cayman’s Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said that the British Overseas Territory is considering making it mandatory for work permit holders to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Bryan made the revelation while speaking on the popular radio programme ‘For The Record’ on Monday (May 31).

According to Bryan work permit holders may have to provide proof of vaccination in order to have their applications approved.

However at this time, Bryan said this was just a consideration, noting that other jurisdictions had already gone ahead with similar requirements.

Premier Wayne Panton who was also a guest on the radio programme used the occasion to share that the island was considering lowering the amount of time that those who are fully vaccinated would spend in quarantine on arrival into the island.

Panton said one of the major challenges for the government was finding solutions to verifying vaccine records and the legality surrounding such requirements.

While unable to state definitively when the borders would reopen, Panton said such developments would depend on the situation locally, as well as internationally, as it relates to the pandemic.