Cayman Islands suspends non-essential business travel

The Government of the Cayman Islands has announced the suspension of all non-essential official business travel as “a precautionary step” as it continues its efforts to keep the coronavirus COVID-19 away from the territory.

The announcement was made earlier this week by Acting Deputy Governor and acting National Hazard Management Council chair Gloria McField-Nixon.

“We know that the coronavirus has significant presence in places abroad. We have reduced and eliminated non-essential travel of the civil service, both for our core civil service and our wider public service. As our business requirements we are stepping down the need for people to travel for work unless it is absolutely essential, again as a precautionary measure,” McField-Nixon said in an interview.

The territory has already implemented travel restrictions for travellers to manage the virus. Visitors who have been in China in the preceding 14 days before arriving in Cayman will be denied entry—a restriction in line with many of Cayman’s regional neighbours. Returning residents who have travelled to mainland China will be quarantined under the direction of the Medical Officer of Health. At this time this is likely to be in the traveller’s home.