Cayman plans to roll out national identification system in 2021

The Cayman Islands is planning on rolling out a National Identification System come 2021.

The island’s Minister of Commerce, Joey Hew made the announcement while speaking at a COVID-19 press briefing recently.

Hew said that the recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for the system. 

“While we have benefitted significantly from the efforts to date with our existing online services, we have become more aware of major opportunities or gaps whichever way you want to look at it, particularly in the digital sphere, a key one being the absence of a national identification system,” Hew said.

He revealed that the e-commerce team within his ministry had already started working on the system which he said would be completed by the second quarter of 2021.

However, Hew noted that there were necessary first steps that would need to be completed before the roll-out, which includes the completion of the population register and supporting legislation.  

Hew said the population register was on track to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

The minister went on to explain that the population register would be crucial to providing accurate identity information.

He said that the register would allow all government entities to check basic information at the source instead of requiring individuals to provide the information which the government already holds.

“Going forward, there will be services for residents to view their personal data. Request updates on their personal data at a very high level and share access to specific elements of their personal data, ” added Hew.

Hew said the team was currently in the procurement phase of securing a  comprehensive suite of services, equipment, software, and support in relation to the national ID system.