Cayman police release photo of ‘ganja treat’ that sent several students to hospital

The Royal Cayman Island Police Service (RCIPS) on Monday (May 24) released a photo of the edible marijuana treat that sent several high school students to hospital earlier this month.

The RCIPS said that they were releasing a photo of the treat, which consists of Fruity Pebbles cereal, fashioned into a block and infused with ganja as a means of raising awareness.

“The public, especially parents and guardians of children and students, are advised to be on the lookout for these ganja infused items, “ said the RCIPS in a release on the matter.

“The public is also reminded that it is an offense to possess or consume ganja products unless given a medical dispensation to do so. It is also illegal to sell such products if you are not a licensed medical practitioner,” they added.

In early May, police officers were called to the Clifton Hunter High School after it is alleged that several students had fallen ill after ingesting a snack.

The students were rushed to hospital and an investigation launched.

Police later found the suspicious cereal item which was later confirmed to have contained ganja.