Cayman removes field hospital after avoiding COVID outbreak

A 60-bed field hospital in the Cayman Islands was recently demobilised. 

Officials say the field hospital and its assets were moved into storage at the Hazard Management Cayman Islands as there was no longer a need for the structure. 

“Sustainability was the key word throughout the design and mobilisation stages of the field hospital. Everything was done with the objective of its remobilisation as a whole or in part in the Family Life Centre or in other locations,” explained Public Works Department Senior Project Manager Simon Griffiths. 

“In addition, certain assets were chosen for relocation within the HSA once the hospital was demobilised,” added Griffiths. 

Co-ordinated by the National Emergency Operations Centre in collaboration with the government, charities and the private sector, the emergency field hospital was set-up in May 2020 to accommodate an overflow of COVID-19 patients.

However, the Cayman Islands was able to avoid an outbreak of COVID-19 and as such the field hospital was never utilised.