Celebration Brands opens huge distribution centre

Celebration Brands Limited opened a new state-of-the-art distribution centre, Logic One, on Spanish Town Road on Tuesday.

Inside the massive warehouse that was opened on Tuesday.

Logic One, a massive storage space the size of two football fields, will be the distribution hub for over 41 different brands, including those of Red Stripe and Pepsi that own Celebration Brands.

Some of the better-known brands that will be housed and distributed by Logic One are Red Stripe, Pepsi, Ting, Gatorade, Heineken, Malta and Smirnoff.

Member of Parliament Anthony Hylton (third from left) and Logic one executives.

Logic One is expected to change the way distribution is done in Jamaica through the implementation of sustainable systems that will help business optimisation, large scale employment and corporate environmental cooperation.

It will help Celebration Brands continue its growth trajectory with the expectation that there will be an expansion in the upcoming years.