Cemetery falls into sea in Italy

(Photo: CNN)

Woah! So over there in Genoa, Italy an entire cemetery fell into the sea. Yes, you read that right.

A landslide on the Italian coast near Genoa damaged the Camogli cemetery and caused hundreds of coffins to fall into the sea.

According to CNN, only 10 out of the approximately 200 coffins that fell into the sea have been recovered. Giacomo Giampedrone, regional assessor of civil protection, said recovering the rest of them “will depend on the sea in the coming days.”

Now, it is important to add that this cemetery was built more than 100 years ago.

The “catastrophic” occurrence was discovered when maintenance workers along the coast noticed cracks in the rocks.

“We were doing work on a portion of the rocky coast, it was close to the area that fell today,” a source told the outlet. “Some signs of fissures were seen. We decided to close the cemetery.”

The source relayed the news to the relevant authorities, who have blocked the coastal area below the cemetery Monday night to keep the coffins from floating out to sea.