Chas E Ramson to undergo multi-million dollar expansion

We love when companies are doing well and therefore we are pleased when we see companies expand to meet growing demand.

That is now the case with Chas E Ramson Limited, a Jamaican family-owned distribution company that is now set to undergo a J$375 million expansion of its facilities in Kingston.

(Photo Chas E Ramson)

According to Phillip Ramson, Managing Director, this additional space will be doubling their current storage capacity and they will also be implementing cold storage.

Coming of this will be the introduction of new brands while improving the distribution capacity for the brands that the company has under its belt. Some of the most popular brands include Foska Oats, Elle and Vire, Blue Diamond and Smuckers.

The work is expected to take seven months and is being carried out by Boomer Construction. A key feature of this new facility will be an underground tank that will enhance the firefighting capacity of the complex.