Chile’s president hit with US$3,500 fine for mask-less selfie

President of Chile Sebastian Pinera speaks during a press conference to confirm the first case of COVID19 Coronavirus in Chile at Palacio de Moneda on March 3, 2020 in Santiago, Chile. (Photo: Agencia Makro/Getty Images)

Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera was hit with a US$3,500 fine on Friday after taking a mask-less beach selfie with a beach-goer.

Pinera apologized and turned himself in to authorities after the photo hit the Internet in early December.

He said he was walking on a beach near his home in Cachagua when a woman recognised him and asked for a photo. Neither wore a mask for the picture.

The country has strict rules about wearing a mask in public spaces at all times, with rule breakers subject to fines and even imprisonment.