China bans eating of wild animals

China has banned the eating and trading of all wild animals. This practice is said to have caused the coronavirus outbreak.

The proposal was passed by China’s top legislative committee on Monday.

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(Photo; Economictimes)

The Chinese newspaper-People’s Daily, reported that the new policy will impose heavy punishment against offenders.  

While the official Xinhua news agency said the proposal was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC).

“It aims to completely ban the eating of wild animals and crack down on illegal wildlife trade,” it said.

The report added that the measure was aimed at ‘safeguarding public health and ecological security’.

Beijing is yet to revise its wild animal protection law, but the passage of the proposal was ‘essential’ and ‘urgent’ in helping the country win its war against the epidemic, wrote state newspaper.

Experts believe that the new coronavirus has been passed onto humans by wildlife sold as food, especially bats and snakes.