China continues to battle coronavirus outbreak, 400 new cases reported

The number of new coronavirus infections has skyrocketed to 400, Chinese health officials revealed on Saturday (Jan 25).

The number of infections from the novel virus has fluctuated in recent days, having multiplied dramatically within the last 48 hours.

Not only have the number of infected persons increased but, public anxiety has also heightened.

According to a report from CNN, the US consulate has reached out to Americans living in Wuhan- which is estimated to be over 1,000 US nationals- offering them seats on flights back home.

Other nations have similarly offered to evacuate their diplomats and citizens from the area; though it has been reported that the flights may not necessarily be free of cost.

A total of 42 persons have already died from the pneumonia-causing virus; with well over 1,000 cases having been recorded on the mainland, even as the country steps up measures to respond to the pending crisis by restricting travel.

Cases have also been confirmed in France, the United States and several Asian countries, evoking fears of a pending global pandemic.