Choo-Choo! Winston De La Haye brings ‘brain train’ to East Central St Catherine

Dr Winston De La Haye is driving a ‘brain train’ through St Catherine East Central, and he’s inviting everyone to get on board. The medical doctor is the People National Party’s (PNP) choice to represent them in that constituency in the upcoming general election. And he intends to win by empowering the residents of his constituency to “Train their brain, to change their lives,”

De La Haye told BUZZ that his team adopted that slogan for their campaign because he believes that Jamaica can only truly see change when its citizens change their mindset. “There are some behaviours that we need to address, but won’t be able to do unless we get into the brains of our people, Train your brain, change your life,” he said.

Dr. Winston De La Haye wants Jamaicans to change their mindset

He said his campaign will be built on two pillars: “That’s really helping people recognize two main things, social engineering and emotional intelligence. Social engineering is where a country, the government determines what behaviour they think is acceptable for their people to inculcate,” he said.

De La Haye said since his candidacy has been announced, he has been on the ground listening to the needs of the people. But, in addition to trying to fulfill their immediate needs, he wants to empower them to also be able to sustain themselves.

Dr De La Haye is confident of a victory

“I must help my people to recognize that if we had ten persons now, who I could get jobs to, I’m pretty sure that within a week or two some of those persons may not be able to get up at the right time to go to work on time, and know how to use their salary appropriately,” he said.

“I want to prepare them to grasp opportunities. Having people work with themselves to change their lives, and take control of their lives. There’s a train going through East Central, and anyone can come on it,” he added.

With this strategy, Dr. De La Haye said he’s confident of a victory. “ We come fi tek it. We have a strong team that has been working hard, and we are adding to that team,” he said.