Christmas work being monitored to prevent abuse

Karl Samuda

Information minister Karl Samuda says mechanisms are firmly in place to ensure that the Government’s $1.3 billion mitigation, sanitation and beautification programme is transparent.

He said the works are being monitored to ensure that they adhere to Government guidelines. Samuda was responding to questions about the programme during at a post Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House Wednesday (Dec 18).

Samuda said there has been an exhaustive education programme with everyone who is involved in the programme.

He pointed out that Prime Minister Holness has laid down the rule governing the programme. “I’m satisfied that his effort in ensuring absolute integrity in the execution of this programme is first class and as a result, you will see the marked improvement that has taken place so far and we aren’t finished in all constituencies yet. So let’s not get carried away with the amount of money for bushing,” he stated.

He said the amount of money allocated to the programme may seem impressive, but it is a “drop in the bucket” for what is needed. The programme is being implemented by the National Works Agency, and the National Solid Waste Management Authority. It is to be completed by February 2020.