Clarendon MP Richard Azan accuses JLP activist of installing illegal streetlights

Member of Parliament for North West Clarendon, Richard Azan, is calling on the Clarendon Municipal Corporation to investigate the installation of illegal streetlights in the community of Malcolm Town in the parish, which he claims is being done by a well-known Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) activist.

In a statement on Friday, Azan said the role of the activist must be investigated, “as he appears to be the leading figure in the project which should fall in the parish council framework”.

“The activist, who has no legal authority or access to public funds, has been bragging on social media about installing streetlights in the community, although the councillor for the area Trevor Gordon had secured the deal and was in the process of ensuring that the lights are installed,” Azan claimed.

According to the MP since the start of the political term, Councillor Gordon of the Spalding Division had applied for and was assured that 10 streetlights would be installed across the division.

But he said, recently, a JLP activist has been pushing a video via social media in which he is boasting about installing streetlights. Azan said his checks with the municipal corporation and the Jamaica Public Service have revealed that no authority was given to install the lights.