Clean bill of health for President?

The health of US President Donald Trump is facing some scrutiny after an abrupt visit to the doctor on Saturday.

For a presidential doctor visit to the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Maryland, it usually involves making an appointment that the hospital is usually aware of. However, news is that the President turned up out of the blue for a check-up.

While this may be a good sign that the President is keeping up with his health, questions have started to surface that something could be wrong and they are keeping it under wraps.

The President is said to have done a quick exam and a few labs during the shortened version of his checkup which usually lasts for four hours.

The Whitehouse has since come out to say that the 73-year-old has a clean bill of health and that he was just getting a jump on his next visit. He had previously gone in February and at that time was told that he needed to make changes in his diet and exercise but so far that has been minimal.