Consumer Affairs Commission calls on retailers to stop overpricing cleaning products

The Consumers Affairs Commission (CAC) is calling on retailers to stop the excessive pricing of cleaning products.

News has been coming forward that consumers are encountering higher prices as they try to acquire disinfecting agents such as Lysol and various forms of hand sanitizers in recent days.

The CAC is, therefore, asking consumers who face these challenges of excessive pricing to send in their receipts to the commission for further action. Chief Executive Officer of the CAC Dolsie Allen is also cautioning consumers not to panic buy as they might cause problems with supply.

“Do not panic buy and purchase more than what you need. When you do it affects how much product is in circulation and can put us all in vulnerable positions,” she remarked.

She further posited that persons can look to utilizing alternatives such as bleach instead of seeking to rely only on the branded products. For bleach, she notes it only need to remain on the surfaces for a little while longer.
She also sought to dissuade persons who maybe be seeking to make their own to stop mixing cleaning agents for potency as it may cause harm.