Consumers urged to make shopping budgets during festive season

Consumer Affairs Commission’s (CAC) Chief Executive Officer, Dolsie Allen, is advising consumers to create a budget before shopping during the holiday season.

Dolsie Allen

Speaking at a recent Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank, Allen noted that financial planning is crucial before any major decision or purchase is made.

“We see a lot of offerings, such as discounts and giveaways from businesses, but we are asking consumers to be cautious. During this period, consumers should be vigilant, and creative. You have to budget because many persons have been laid off during this pandemic or have reduced income, so you have to be careful of how you spend the little that you have; you have to look at your wants versus your needs, decide what you can do without,” she explained.

Allen noted that the CAC wants consumers to support the business community during the Yuletide season but is just urging that they exercise diligence.

“We also want you to be sensible in what you are doing, be prudent, so that come January, you are not regretting all the decisions you made,” she added.

Allen recommended that consumers attempt to repurpose items within their homes before making major purchases for the traditional decorations that Jamaicans do during the Christmas season.

“I know many of us have been at home for a long period and you get a little bored with your home and the decorations, but we are asking you to be creative in rearranging your homes. You don’t always have to go out and buy new furniture, just change things around,” she noted.

Consumers are also encouraged to investigate and compare costs before taking advantage of advertised discounts and specials.