Coronavirus cases top 50 million worldwide

Global cases of the coronavirus have topped 50 million as record numbers were reported by several countries.

Shoppers wearing face masks walk in a crowded street in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 17.

Some 1.25 million people have been confirmed dead from the virus, according to the John Hopkins University but the true figure is thought to be higher due insufficient testing in many nations.

The United States alone has recorded almost 10 million cases following a week that saw it record a new daily high of 126,000 cases and three consecutive days of more than 125,000 cases.

Europe’s cases are rising again with 38,619 positives confirmed yesterday, and Saturday’s record increase of 86,852. The United Kingdom, which has the most deaths in Europe at 49,044, is currently undergoing another lockdown which has restricted citizens to their homes with exceptions made for buy essential goods, get medical help or exercise for an hour each day.

The news comes after Pfizer announced that its vaccine was found to have been more than 90 per cent effective at preventing the virus.