Coronavirus causes collapse of British airline Flybe

The Coronavirus continues to cause major disruptions globally across various sectors including the travel industry.

Covid-19, the fast-spreading virus, has been impacting the industry with several travel bans and restrictions, which is expected to result in over $100 billion in losses for the airline industry during the course of the year.

Among the first casualties is Flybe, a British airline, that entered administration on Wednesday leading to the laying off of thousands of staff members, grounding of planes and passengers stranded across Europe.

The drop in the demand of travel meant that Flybe, which is already going through a turbulent time, was unable to ride out the storm and crumbled.

For passengers, other airlines are trying to help with their travel while the rail service has been assisting as well.

It’s not certain if any other airlines may go this route but losses continue to grow with more countries issuing travel bans to various areas across the world.