Coronavirus claims former Real Madrid President

The Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc in Spain, claiming more than 1000 lives in the process.

Among those to have died is former Real Madrid President Lorenzo Sanz. Sanz died from complications related to the virus after being hospitalized three days ago.

Former Real Madrid President Lorenzo Sanz passed away from complications arising from his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Sanz was 76-years-old at the time of his passing. His son Lorenzo Sanz Duran wrote that his “father did not deserve this end in this manner”. He also called his father one of the best, most courageous and hard-working people he had known.

Sanz is a popular person on the football scene after leading the Real Madrid organization from 1995-2000. When under his leadership, Madrid won their first European Cup in 32 years.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in that country, 1320 persons have died to date, leading the country to institute a raft of measures to try and combat its impact and spread.