Coronavirus deaths jump to more than one an hour in New York on Friday

The death toll from the Coronavirus continues to increase with rapidity as the number of cases has taken a sharp increase in New York.

On Friday, during an eight hour period between 10:00 am-6:00 pm, 14 persons died, showing a rate of more than one per hour. This brought the death toll in the city up to 43.

It’s the first time since the outbreak that the city has recorded a double-digit increase as it relates to deaths connected to COVID-19.

Health officials at a mobile test clinic in New York City.

During that eight-hour period Friday, the city saw its confirmed cases also climbed from 5151 to 5683. Authorities suggest, however, the jump in cases may be attributed to more testing going on.

New Yorkers were also warned by Health Commissioner Dr Oxiris Barbot that the double-digit death rate may become the norm before it gets better.