Coronavirus mutates and becomes more infectious

Pneumonia coronavirus

BUZZ Fam, bad news, the coronavirus is mutating, and now it’s even more infectious.

Researchers in the US and UK have identified hundreds of mutations to the virus which causes the disease Covid-19.

Preliminary research from the US has suggested one particular mutation – D614G – is becoming dominant and could make the disease more infectious.

According to the researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, there seems to be something about this particular mutation that makes it grow more quickly – but the consequences of this are not yet clear.

They analysed patients with this strain of the virus, and although they found people with that particular mutation of the virus seemed to have a larger amount of the virus in their samples, they didn’t find evidence that those people became sicker or stayed in hospital for longer

However, this is only preliminary and hasn’t yet been reviewed by other scientists and formally published.