Coronavirus outbreak causes total lockdown in Italy

Security forces have been placed at transportation sites to enforce the lockdown (Photo: Aljazeera)

All of Italy has been placed under lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus-Covid-19.

The lockdown affects Italy’s 60 million people.

Italy has had the most cases and death due to coronavirus outside of mainland China.

There has been 9,172 cases and 463 deaths.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the lockdown on Monday. The northern region of Lombardy and 14 other provinces had already been placed under lockdown. But this new measure will extend those restrictions across the entire country.

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Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

The lockdown includes blanket travel restrictions, a ban on all public events, the closures of schools and public spaces such as movie theatres, and the suspension of religious services including funerals or weddings.

To enforce the lockdown, military police, railway police, and health workers are carrying out checks on transportation sites like highways and train stations.