Coronavirus where? Carnival cruise bookings soar for August

Some of the worst horror stories about the coronavirus pandemic came from people who were stuck on cruise ships. But it looks like that wasn’t enough from deterring others to plan their next cruise.

According to a report from TMZ, since Carnival Cruise announced that some of its cruises could resume in August, bookings have increased more than 600 per cent compared to the previous three days before news of August Carnival trips were announced.

Additionally, Cruise Planners said that August 2020 bookings are up doubled that of August 2019 when there was no threat of coronavirus.

The Cruise Planners representative said those making bookings were generally younger and healthy and thus “not a bit concerned about traveling at this time.”

The rep also said a pent-up desire for traveling after being cooped up in lockdown for so long has played a part in the surge of bookings. And there’s also the tempting prospect of being able to book a Carnival Cruise for as low as $28 a night.